Stuck. Compile error with a clean tree.

Adam Talbot talbotx at
Mon Nov 29 11:27:00 CET 2004

It compiles and boot, kinda.  The compile finishes with out any errors, but
when I go to boot the system all I get is garbage on the minicom screen.
Same with hyperterm. I have seen this out put in minicom before, simple fix,
set minicom to the right speed ( 115200 8N1, no hard/software flow control).
I when through all speed, it still does not like me. Any ideas?

my current config:

target lv671
mainboard commell/lv671

option ROM_SIZE=524288

romimage "normal"
        option USE_FALLBACK_IMAGE=0
        option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=0x15000
        option LINUXBIOS_EXTRA_VERSION=".0Normal"
        payload /etc/hosts

romimage "fallback"
        option USE_FALLBACK_IMAGE=1
        option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=0x15000
        option LINUXBIOS_EXTRA_VERSION=".0Fallback"
        payload /etc/hosts

buildrom ./linuxbios.rom ROM_SIZE "normal" "fallback"

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