could not find a bounce buffer

Gin ginlin at
Fri Nov 26 01:09:01 CET 2004

Yes, I think I need to set CONFIG_ROM_STREAM=1 in order to have it boot
from my FILO payload which then will go load the image in a IDE drive.

I got an error when it ties to get_bounce_buffer in elfboot, Don't know
if you have the same problem. I dumped out the mem entries info. Looks
like the 2 mem entries are all LB_MEM_TABLE(ram config tables to be kept
in). So there is no LB_MEM_RAM, (where everyone could use) to allocate
the bounce buffer from. 

Any idea?

Wrote the mp table end at: 00000020 - 000001f4
Wrote linuxbios table at: 00000500 - 00000be4  checksum 18e1


mem entry1: type=0x10, start=0, size=0xc4c
mem entry2: type=0x10, start=0xf0000, size=0x400

Could not find a bounce buffer...
Cannot Load ELF Image
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If FILO is a payload in flash, then you need to set CONFIG_ROM_STREAM=1 
and CONFIG_ROM_STREAM_START to the address you want to start looking 
for the payload ELF header (usually just after the LinuxBIOS image). 
CONFIG_IDE_STREAM is used to load a payload (such as FILO) from an 
attached IDE device. This is useful if the flash is not large enough to 
hold LinuxBIOS+payload, but is probably not what you are looking for. 
Sorry for the confusion.


On Nov 25, 2004, at 5:40 AM, Gin wrote:

> I use FILO as the payload to boot from a Hard Disk, which has a
> installed linux on it. I noticed if I enabled the ide stream. It tries
> to read the ELF header from my IDE drive. But I thought the FILO 
> payload
> should be the one to load the image from the IDE drive. When does it
> come in and play the role?
> Anyone can explain the flow of booting if I try to load the INSTALLED
> linux from a IDE drive.
> Gin
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