reset loop??

Jay Miller jmiller at
Thu Nov 18 16:47:01 CET 2004

Has anyone seen a situation where the BIOS appears stuck in a reset loop
on cold boot?

On cold boot our board continually loops through the reset path.  We had
apparently "worked around" this problem by pointing HARD_RESET_DEVICE to
the 8131, which meant that nothing actually got reset.  But now we're
running into interrupt problems caused by the "work around" that

HDT loses it's mind in the protected_start section, just prior to the
reset, but I have stopped it to see that there is only the 8151 on the
PCI bus scan.  This is more that likely a red herring...

I thought it might be an ht issue because needs_reset gets set by the
ht_setup_chain, and our board is unique in that it has 8151->8131->8111
all on link 0.  But I adjusted the position passed into that function
and saw no improvement.  Perhaps the position I chose was wrong (0xa0 vs
the default 0x80)?

Any other thoughts?


Jay Miller
Actuality Systems, Inc.
jmiller at

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