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Thu Nov 11 19:28:00 CET 2004

On 2.4.22 it becomes to 
~ # cat /proc/mtrr
reg00: base=0x00000000 (   0MB), size=32768MB: write-back, count=1
reg01: base=0x80000000 (2048MB), size=16384MB: write-back, count=1
reg02: base=0xc0000000 (3072MB), size=4096MB: write-back, count=1

x 16

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I just found the mtrr after booting is not right.

~ # cat /proc/mtrr
reg00: base=0x00000000 (   0MB), size=985088MB: write-back, count=1
reg01: base=0x80000000 (2048MB), size=984064MB: write-back, count=1
reg02: base=0xc0000000 (3072MB), size=983296MB: write-back, count=1

and it should be

reg00: base=0x00000000 (   0MB), size=2048MB: write-back, count=1
reg01: base=0x80000000 (2048MB), size=1024MB: write-back, count=1
reg02: base=0xc0000000 (3072MB), size=256MB: write-back, count=1

and it is has 98340MB more = 0xf0 0000 0000.


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