romcc quesiton

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at
Wed Nov 10 12:54:00 CET 2004

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> My memory has it that the i855pm was one of the few ports that were never
> completed, and had never built so I had filtered that one out.

yes you are right. This port has new life and I want to get it back to 
"about as broken as it was" :)

> raminit.c for that port has the same issues as the e7501 did.  In particular
> it has unconverted assembly #if 0'd out.


I only left things there until I was sure I did not want them. that code 
is gone. 

> Placing the unconverted assembly in strings, or simply commenting it out
> will avoid the issue for now.

Or removing it. 

> Next time can you an least give the me error message?
> Having the string "unknown token" would at least have put me much closer
> to knowing where to look.

There wasn't an error message at all. What happened is everything in #if 0 
went through and romcc doesn't much like trying to compile assembly code 



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