LinuxBIOS boots

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Mon Nov 8 13:09:01 CET 2004

YhLu <YhLu at> writes:

> It seems there is no support on that.
> Option for you:
> 1. add that support you self and contribute that to Etherboot.
> 2. push AMD to support that. Can they?
> 3. push AMD to pay Etherboot ( Ken, Tim, Eric) to add that for you. I don't
> think Eric could have time for it.
> 4. You company pay Etherboot.
> 5. Change you design to add another support LAN chip.
> 6. Use one supported add-on card.
> Final solution for LinuxBIOS maybe some day the kernel can be tailored to be
> small enough to be put in flash (with initramfs), that will call kexec to
> init another kernel in net or any kernel support media.
> Regards
> Yinghai Lu
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> It's really exciting :)
> Does etherboot support AMD8111 ethernet controller?

No but it does support some similar controllers. And it is simple one
so starting with the docs and the Linux driver it should not take
very long to do the port.

Yours is the first board since the AMD reference board that I have
seen that actually uses the AMD8111.


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