[Freebios-cvs] freebios2/util/abuild abuild.sh,1.5,1.6

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Fri Nov 5 14:28:01 CET 2004

* Richard Smith <rsmith at bitworks.com> [041105 17:44]:
> >I've been looking at http://kegel.com/crosstool/ now and I'm waiting for
> >a gcc 3.4.x for PPC 750 to finish. I'm not sure what target to build
> >for, but it'll be ok for a try.
> crosstool is the way to go.  It's really important in the ppc stuff to 
> get all the right patches to for a working setup.
good, thanks for this confirmation. There's also devkitPPC, but it is
mainly used for console development. Worse than x86, you'd never want
to use gcc on non-x86 platforms without patches. I remember the big fuzz
gcc 2.96 "release" was pretty usable after applying about 250 patches ;)
(better than any compiler on axp before)

> There are many on the embedded lists I'm on who claim "real developers 
> build thier own toolchain" but also in those circles cross tool is 
> considered to be the defacto reference for building a working cross 
> toolchain.

That is true, to some extent, for toolchain developers. Real developers
also develop their own OS before writing a letter.. But the best ones
develop firmware anyways ;)


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