[RFC] linuxbios autobuild

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Fri Nov 5 07:32:00 CET 2004


What's missing in the linuxbios autobuild tool?

Regression Testing
 We might want to regularly (or even on checkin?) use abuild.sh to check
 the LinuxBIOS repository for consistency and open building lots..

 Shall we have a mail sent to the mailinglist/cvs list regularly/on
 We definitely also want a web page with this information, maybe the
 tool should optionally generate HTML/XML reports?

 ... ?

Resulting ROM images
 There needs to be a way to specify a per build or at least per platform
 payload. Otherwise no bootable images will result.
 Once the images have been proven stable we could offer prebuilt images
 (or have a webfrontend that creates an image from 2 payloads and 2
 linuxbios romimages..

 too lion-hearted?


 I would love to see the rest of the target config files go away for
 default builds, or have the abuild tool create them easily on the fly.
 This could be nice for testing different scenarios during development as
 well as for end users that don't want to go edit the default
 configuration but still want a different payload etc..


What's missing?


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