linuxbios autobuild / regression testing

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Fri Nov 5 07:06:01 CET 2004

* Eric W. Biederman <ebiederman at> [041105 10:45]:
> > It seems no mainboard says "use LD" at all yet. Some still don't 
> > "use CC" but this is minor..
> Actually what you should be looking for is "uses CROSS_COMPILE"
> Currently we don't seem to call LD directly so as long as gcc can
> find the proper one we are ok.
Oops. Misassumption on my side. I just saw the defines on the compile
command line:

-DLINUXBIOS_LINKER='"GNU ld version 20030722 (SuSE Linux)"' -DLINUXBIOS_ASSEMBLER='"GNU assembler version (x86_64-suse-linux) using BFD version 20030722 (SuSE Linux)"'

Are these compiled in per default?

> > What's the usual naming convention for the cross compiler and cross
> > linker of a given platform? We also need to cope with multiple payloads
> > if we want to be able to use the resulting binaries... (in an ideal
> > world the next step would be to automatically flash them)
> I suspect that we will want to have a simple in targets that
> we can start with and add cross compiling and other options to.
Hm. We're setting a lot of default options in and some in for the mainboards.. Is there room to place defaults for these
specifics in there?
> > ./ -at arima/hdama
> -a and -t sound like useful additions.
-at doesn't seem to work btw. -a -t does though.. whatever.

> Just don't forget that ultimately if we can fix the dependencies in the
> tree we both -a and my caching of what actually built successfully
> should be trivial.
so far I deleted the linuxbios-builds directory most of the time before each
build to make sure nothing old is keeping things from building
correctly because I saw a place or two where things did not get rebuild
though something changed in the source tree. With the rebuild of all
motherboards currently being around 10 minutes on this machine speed did
not really care for generating the reports along. This is different if
the tool is used actively in each cycle during development..

> Note: I had to tweak the parser so it would work when I specified where the
> linuxbios tree was.  It was putting single quotes around the pathname
> nad ls was not really fond of './freebios2/'/src/mainboard ....

Oh,.. I had that problem too with the -t option.. Thanks for fixing
this. I will remove the stupid tr -d workaround I used.


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