make -j4 ?

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Fri Nov 5 01:56:01 CET 2004

Stefan Reinauer <stepan at> writes:

> Hi,
> just noticed on my way to bed..
> it seems make -j does work fine for the single linuxbios images
> (fallback / normal) but not for the concatenated final one because of
> a wrong dependency:

> Otherwise make assumes it can build all three of 
> fallback-rom, normal-rom and buildroms in parallel

I have just taken a first stab at this and my current Makefile is below.
There is still some missing dependency information but otherwise things should be
correct.  What I have not massaged is left as an exercise to the reader :)

Now to see if I can get abuild building ppc targets.

# File: tdir/hdama/Makefile is autogenerated
Makefile: /home/eric/projects/linuxbios/linuxbios/hdama/tdir/hdama/ /home/eric/projects/linuxbios/linuxbios/hdama/
	(cd /home/eric/projects/linuxbios/linuxbios/hdama ; /home/eric/projects/linuxbios/linuxbios/hdama/tdir/hdama/ ./ ./freebios2)

include Makefile.settings

all: ./linuxbios.rom

	if (cd fallback; \
		make linuxbios.rom)\
	then true; else exit 1; fi;

	if (cd normal; \
		make linuxbios.rom)\
	then true; else exit 1; fi;

clean:  fallback-clean normal-clean

	(cd fallback; make clean)

	(cd normal; make clean)

./linuxbios.rom: normal/linuxbios.rom  fallback/linuxbios.rom 
	cat  normal/linuxbios.rom  fallback/linuxbios.rom > ./linuxbios.rom

.PHONY: all clean fallback-clean normal-clean

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