Removing device driver code in mainboard.c for Tyan boards?

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Thu Nov 4 21:48:11 CET 2004

YhLu <YhLu at> writes:

> chip northbridge/amd/amdk8                              
>         device pci_domain 0 on                          
>                 device pci 18.0 on # LDT0       
> .				....
> 			  End
> 			  ....
> 			  chip northbridge/amd/amdk8
> 				device pci 19.0 end
> 				...
> 			   End 
> 		End # PCI domain
> .....acpic...
> End # NB K8
> It looks strang, 
> Why not thang that to followings?

Primarily because that device pci_domain needs some chip to sit in.

And because the methods for the pci_domain are closely related
to the code that looks at the rest of the chipset.

So in short what we are currently doing his the least strange
method I have found to model the reality.

It might help to think that the device tree is from the perspective of cpu 0.


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