Board hangs after soft_reset() in auto.c

Liu Tao liutao at
Thu Nov 4 21:40:00 CET 2004

Can this cause configuration regions overlap with each other during
device enumeration? In amdk8_scan_chains() the subordinate/limit field of
current register is set to 0xff before hypertransport_scan_chain(),
while other following registers are not touched yet, so they overlay with
current register?

Liu Tao

 >    PCI_ADDR(0, 0x18, 1, 0xE0), 0x0000FC88, 0x06000203, // AMD 
8131/8111 on
 >link0 of CPU 0
 >    PCI_ADDR(0, 0x18, 1, 0xE4), 0x0000FC88, 0x09070003, // AMD 8131 on 
 >of CPU 0
 >    PCI_ADDR(0, 0x18, 1, 0xE8), 0x0000FC88, 0x0c0a0003, // AMD 8131 on 
 >of CPU 0
 >    PCI_ADDR(0, 0x18, 1, 0xEC), 0x0000FC88, 0x00000000,

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