linuxbios autobuild / regression testing

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Thu Nov 4 17:55:01 CET 2004

* Eric W. Biederman <ebiederman at> [041104 20:21]:
> In any case we need to start running abuild regularly.
> We need to have a way of dealing with ports that we are totally broken
> in the tree.

I implemented simple cross compiling support in LinuxBIOS abuild. So far 
it supports compiling x86 images on AMD64 and possibly PPC images on
PPC64 (untested).

If I'd find a set of cross-ppc-gcc rpms for SUSE 9.0-AMD64 I could set
up cross building ppc binaries on and have the results
put to a web page or mailed regularly to the LinuxBIOS mailinglist.

It seems no mainboard says "use LD" at all yet. Some still don't 
"use CC" but this is minor..

What's the usual naming convention for the cross compiler and cross
linker of a given platform? We also need to cope with multiple payloads
if we want to be able to use the resulting binaries... (in an ideal
world the next step would be to automatically flash them)

Your check for a previous successful compile is really useful when
flying over the tree and fixing a larger number of boards. To detect
any regressions easily I added the option -a so all motherboard builds
can be forced.

also with -t vendor/board it is possible to only build a given board

./ -at arima/hdama
will always rebuild the single target arima hdama


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