Removing device driver code in mainboard.c for Tyan boards?

YhLu YhLu at
Thu Nov 4 16:15:01 CET 2004

debug device added

        chip drivers/generic/debug
                device  pnp 0.0 on end

debug device will be sibling to PCI_DOMAIN and APIC_CLUSTER...


CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
CVS: Enter Log.  Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically
CVS: Committing in .
CVS: Modified Files:
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2735/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2850/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2875/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2880/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2881/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2882/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2885/
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s2885/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s4880/mainboard.c
CVS:    src/mainboard/tyan/s4882/mainboard.c
CVS: Added Files:
CVS:    src/drivers/generic/debug/
CVS:    src/drivers/generic/debug/chip.h
CVS:    src/drivers/generic/debug/debug_dev.c
CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 14:22, YhLu wrote:
> I want to print PCI regs after PCI device initialization.
> Where need to put the calling print_pci_regs_all? In hardwaremain ???

Why don't you put the debug device into device/generic/debug ?
And in the mainboard you added

	chip device/generic/debug

as the last chip. The device emuleration will call the methods
of the debug device last. And you probably can dump PCI CS registers
in different stages of the enumeration.


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