Board hangs after soft_reset() in auto.c

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Thu Nov 4 04:19:01 CET 2004

Liu Tao <liutao at> writes:

> Hello,
> My K8 board hangs after "ht reset -" is printed, the post card
> at 0x80 is reseted to 0xff, so I think 8111 has performed the
> RESET_L and LDTRST_L signal. On my board the LDTRST_L signal
> drives to the RESET_L pin of K8 and RESET# pin of 8131, is this
> routing OK? 

Hmm I don't think LDTRESET#  should drive the cpu's reset# signal.
But I am not certain.

> Does the RESET_L signal of K8 updates the ht freq/width
> during reseting the CPU? 

The ht freq/width are updated earlier and the reset causes the changes
to take effect.

> Is this a cold/hard reset to CPU?
As opposed to a soft reset yes.    The power is expected to remain
on for the duration so ht freq/width can be retained in the chips.

The short answer is that optimizing the hypertransport speed and frequency
is an optimization.  So you can disable the reset and see how far you board
gets otherwise.  That should give you a little more time to debug the reset path.


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