i845GV ddr sdram init passed

zhu shi song zhushisongzhu at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 3 04:39:01 CET 2004

After working hard for three day, I have made i845gv
ddr sdram work well.  I can boot linux 2.4.27 with
root filesystem on my hard disk.  But linux 2.4.27
support new hardware weakly. So I hope I can boot
linux 2.6.  I have before used initrd dyn invented by
l inux router project to boot linux 2.4.  I like the
way booting linux.
 (1) Who knows can initrd dyn support linux 2.6.  I
know the latest version of initrd dyn is for
 (2) If unfortunately I can't use initrd dyn again,
how can I make my root fs?  how can I boot linux 2.6
using tar.gz file as root filesystem?


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