Weird K8 output

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Tue Nov 2 18:07:01 CET 2004

* YhLu <YhLu at> [041103 01:17]:
> Only two times
> Once in crt0 
> One in LinuxBIOS_ram.   Device.
> Besides updating unitid, device scan need to update bus number too.

You are right. I confused the 8131 at cpu0 with the one at cpu1.

PCI_DEV=(0,0x18,0) 0xb4=00030000
Collapsing device: 74501022
Collapsing device: 74601022
collapsed enumeration
bus=00 id =74501022
bus=00 id =74601022
PCI_DEV=(0,0x19,0) 0xd4=000a0400
Collapsing device: 74501022


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