Weird K8 output

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Tue Nov 2 13:42:01 CET 2004


on a 4cpu K8 system I get the following output before the system hangs..

Is the machine drunk or are CPU1-3 just running away?

LinuxBIOS- Tue Nov  2 20:34:14 CET 2004 starting...
setting up resource map....done.
Enabling routing table for node 00 done.
Enabling SMP settings
setup_remote_node: done
Renaming current temporary node to 01 done.
anabling routing table for node 01 dConlee.
 tRiennamgin g mcutrrrenrt
  emporary node to 02 done.
Enabling routing table for node 02 dConle.e
mRernaiminngg c urmretntr tre
 porary node to 03 done.
Enabling routing table for node 03 dColnee.a
iz04n ngod esm itnirtiral
PCI_DEV=(0,0x18,0) 0xb4=00030000
bus=00 id =74501022
bus=00 id =74601022
PCI_DEV=(0,0x19,0) 0xd4=000a0400


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