Status Report 2004-11-02

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Tue Nov 2 11:52:01 CET 2004

I have fixed my parts.



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after some more changes like the removed 64k limit for linuxbios rom
images here a new status report about the current image builds.

NOTE: Many boards are broken at the moment. If anyone here can supply
fixes, please do so. The situation is almost fatal given that the
changes to do are mostly time consuming but not really complex.

As a generic goal we should work on reducing the impact of such changes
by adapting the structure. Example: Having a per board fallback mechanism 
seems overkill.. The only difference among all boards seem to be the
included files from the north bridge and southbridge directories. These
could easily be autogenerated from the config tool.

The less files one port has, the easier it is to adapt to new changes.
Long term this raises code quality and the number of new ports.


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