ram not usable

Gin ginlin at nexcom.com.tw
Tue Nov 2 08:12:00 CET 2004

I am using the Config file for mainboard tyan/s2735 to build the image
because it has the same chipset (E7501) with my target sytem. The
Southbridge(ICH3-s) and superio(SMSC) is different but I think it should
be fine. I got the console working but it failed with the initializing
Ram. When I run the ram test, the value I read out is different from
what I wrote in.   

1. Should the RAM-init code work in my board since it has the same
Northbridge? Or there could be a mainboard specific problem? 

There is a Config.lb file under /src/mainboard directory. Should I
modify it to fit our board structure? In the end, there is PCI Device
Tree like structure, is it the exact PCI devices on that mainbaord?

Thanks, we are very anxious to get this going. We have customers waiting
to use it. 


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