testing and researching

Jakob Praher jpraher at yahoo.de
Tue Nov 2 05:15:01 CET 2004

hi all,

I'd like to do some embedded systems and cluster research and would like
to use linuxbios as the building block.

Has anybody tried to use linuxbios as the bios in a vm like bochs or
vmware, so that one can "play" with linuxbios in software only?

Additionally I'd like to know, whether you prefere the LinuxBiosKernel
(I mean that there is no "real" linux kernel in the bios) over the
LinuxKernel in Bios approach. If you are using LinuxBiosKernel are you
using a standard ATA flash disk, or are there better ways to boot the

I'd also apprechiate a good and cheap hardware configuration, that works
with linuxbios, especially: 

* in todays boards: is the flash bios big enough for the LinuxBiosKernel
* if not, which flash chips would you prefer?
* what board would you choose for clustering testing purposes (it should
have state of the art peripheral stuff and modern chipsets, etc).

thanks in advance
-- Jakob

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