FILO fixups

YhLu YhLu at
Mon Nov 1 15:14:12 CET 2004

I guess FILO will be in Etherboot from 5.2.6.

I think we may add several lines in README to make users to enable linuxbios

It should be

1. Changes in arch/i386/Config.
	Comment out PCIBOS
	Enable LinuxBIOS line.
	Enable X86-64 line
2. make bin/tg3.zelf or make bin/tg3--filo.zelf


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To: Li-Ta Lo
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Filo does need a home and it can run outside of etherboot
So I would concede that is ok to have a home for it.
Although...sniff I do like it in etherboot;) 

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On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 13:21, Dave Aubin wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'll voice my desire to have etherboot with filo.
> I love the fact that I can first try to boot remotely And then if not 
> use filo.  For this reason alone I am A fan of the mechanism.  Try 
> remote first then if fail Use local storage.  If we can, can we please

> put the Etherboot flavor in utils that has both network & filo 
> support?

First of all, we didn't say we don't want choice. Actually we want more,
including the choice of not having some choices.
The problems of FILO/Etherboot are:
	1. Some people have hard time building Etherboot.
	2. Some people don't want the feature provided by
	   Etherboot, they are satisfied by FILO itself.
	3. FILO (as FILO itself) does not have an official
	   host. If we want to continue maintain FILO to serve
	   people in 1. and 2., we have to put it somewhere. 

If you want FILO as FILO+Etherboot, why don't you get it from etherboot


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