FILO fixups

Dave Aubin daubin at
Mon Nov 1 13:59:00 CET 2004


  I'll voice my desire to have etherboot with filo.
I love the fact that I can first try to boot remotely
And then if not use filo.  For this reason alone I am
A fan of the mechanism.  Try remote first then if fail
Use local storage.  If we can, can we please put the
Etherboot flavor in utils that has both network & filo support?

Kind thanks,

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On Mon, 1 Nov 2004, YhLu wrote:

> 1. It can let boot from HD or net according to CMOS setting.

only useful if your ethernet is hooked up. 15/16 of our nodes here have
no ethernet. 

> 2. Etherboot can produce zelf. We may got more space to put other 
> stuff such as USB support...

not that important to us. 

> 3. Etherboot structure and support...

not clear at the moment if this is a plus or minus. Seeing that it has
trouble building under certain tool chains, there still seem to be
problems with it.

> I may check if filo.zlef only include FILO ..., even it is not, we 
> still can make it clean.

We still need to add my performance improvements. 

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