Testbios works for ATI too !!!

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Fri May 28 11:31:01 CEST 2004

Li-Ta Lo wrote:

>>>>I don't suppose there is a way to use testbios with a system having 2 
>>>>video cards is there?

I need to try and make this work.

I've sucessfully run the new emulator on my PCI dev card in a desktop 
system with the PCI card as its only display and received a bios init 
message.  Yah! The most progress I've had in weeks since ATI's tech help 
is proving to not be so helpful.

It still does not work on my target system.  Going over the IO dumps 
between the 2 systems I find that some of the ins get different info and 
then the bios does different stuff.  Some of the bits that are different 
are CRT enabled bits.

So my guess is that based on if the CRT is already up (ie warm boot) the 
BIOS takes a differnt path than that of a cold boot.

So I really need to run the emulator on my PCI card with only a POR.

What I'm currently doing is using setpci to disable the primary mem and 
IO responses and then enabling the secondary card.  This is the same 
method I used in my previous bios setup to init 2 video chips.  Just in 
the BIOS at boot time rather than from user space.

Then I run testbios.

I'm running it from a remote ssh login because it dosn't seem to work 
properly if I run from a console session.

Anyway it does something differnt and does not init the card.  However 
its not the same as what it does on my target.  I'm still reviewing the 
io log files.

Any reason why the enable/disable via setpci might not work from user 
space like does in BIOS land.

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