jcantara at jcantara at
Fri May 28 11:23:01 CEST 2004


I'm new to: This List, and Linux in general.

Why I joined: I have a keen interest in both Linux and BIOSs, and may be able to provide some help on the BIOS and hardware end of things.

Some about me: I work for a company that provides "aftermarket" Award BIOSs, built from source provided to us through an agreement with Award themselves. I'm a semi-recent graduate of Electrical Engineering, and live in Massachusetts. I actually concentrated in embedded systems design, but I ended up here, configuring BIOSs, and working on the company website, go figure :)

I thought I might be able to provide some help on the hardware side of things, having a lot of insight into the BIOS. Obviously I can't share the source code we have, or violate any of the agreements my company has though.

This list seems fairly busy, from the few mails I've already received today since I signed up.


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