Questions about Quartet build

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Fri May 28 10:59:01 CEST 2004


I've been trying to understand mp_table.c and irq_tables.c for the Quartet,
these files don't seem to match the Quartet architecture and I'm a little
bit confused as to why. My questions regarding these files are;

1) It appears that these files are expecting certain 8111 devices (PCI
bridge, LPC bridge, etc.) to be on PCI bus number 1. Shouldn't they really
be on bus number 0? The Linux BIOS seems to enumerate this as bus 0.

2) The code in mptable.c looks for the 8111 on bus 1 and so would default
bus_8111_1 to 4 and bus_isa to 5. Bus 5 conflicts with the enumeration of
the second 8131. Is this correct or should it just be looking on bus 0?

3) Is bus_8131_1 and bus_8131_2 supposed to represent both PCI bridge
devices within a single 8131? I can't see anywhere in the code where it
fills out the MPS table for the fixed devices like the inbuilt NIC or SCSI.

Many thanks for the help


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