Iwill DK8S2

Hendricks David W. dwh at lanl.gov
Thu May 27 15:01:01 CEST 2004

Follow up: VGA works, the system boots, keyboard + mouse work. There are a 
couple resource allocation errors that show up during LInuxBIOS boot, but 
Linux seems unaffected. 

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Hendricks David W. wrote:

> I'm committing some new stuff for the Iwill DK8S2 mainboard to replace the 
> old stuff in src/mainboard/Iwill/DK8S2. I'm also adding a 
> targets/Iwill/dk8s2 directory. Looks a lot like the HDAMA, but some 
> tweaking is needed and VGA has not yet been tested, I'll look into it 
> further today.
> So far I've tested it and it boots into Linux.
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