Testbios works for ATI too !!!

Richard Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Thu May 27 14:18:00 CEST 2004

Richard Smith wrote:

I don't suppose there is a way to use testbios with a system having 2 
video cards is there?

I got a pci developemnt card from ATI that has an M1 on it stuck in a 
sytems that also has a agp card.  I tell the bios to init the AGP card 
first so the PCI card only gets POR.  I've been using this to test my 
init code on known good hardware rather than my target system.

Running my ATI bios under testbios appears to do something but since I 
think the bios is enabling the legacy IO ranges it makes my AGP card go 
crazy and locks up the machine.

I'm about to try it on my target.

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