Getting Started with freebios2!

Jay Miller jmiller at
Thu May 27 13:38:01 CEST 2004

I think that I've been lucky using a stock RH9 distro.  I'm going to make sure I've got the latest binutils, etc... and retry.

By the way, what is the status on USB support?  I know you were getting close.


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Did you use 
export LANG=en_US
before make bin/tg3--filo.zelf?

Or I could send one tg3_filo.zelf to you?



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"Jay Miller" <jmiller at> writes:

> That's why I thought that elfboot couldn't read .zelf, because the image
> sizes are incorrect.    Actual image size for the tg3--filo.zelf image
> is 43,153 bytes, which is smaller than the file.elf image 43,472 bytes.
> But when I make a linuxbios.rom with the tg3--filo.zelf as the payload,
> elfboot generates the output I sent you.

Run ``readelf -h -l'' on the problem image to see what the values
are before it is combined into LinuxBIOS.  I suspect you have a
build problem, possible a messed up version of perl installed.

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