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Mathieu Deschamps mdeschamps at mangrove-systems.com
Tue May 25 02:26:00 CEST 2004

ahh. I see the point :
it's because it's used on build machine. When i say build
machine, i mean linuxbios is getting built on this machine
so it can run for itself. 
and so on, ROM chip is flashed by the build machine for itself. 
If it wrecks, i pull it away and plug back a backup. 
that's just it. hey, it's a low-cost project isn't it :) ? 
I know this layout isn't suitable for networking, but for now
the only build machine(client) is at hand reach.And it's not my
intention to get Linuxbios to boot a cluster of machines (for now
i seek to experiment on VIA EPIA build machine, by the time it is
working, i store lb configs, patchs to apply(if any), parameters to
issue on lbcc and logs rendered onto my other machine that's a server
vsftp. Later, i would like to deal roms with my database server like you
do provided the client has the flash_rom code to start it on, on the
same go. 

ok i've said everything :) hope it answers.


Le lun 24/05/2004 à 18:56, YhLu a écrit :
>  I wonder what is your develop configuration.
> For me there is 
> Dev server: compile linuxbios + dhcp server + tftp server.
> Testbed: S2882
> Terminal Machine: ....
> After booting up, I use ftp to get rom image in dev server and flash that
> into rom.
> I'm curious that how you can use the flash tool in DEV server???
> Regards
> YH
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> I will try this tool and if it looks good perhaps we can put it into 
> freebios2/util/lbcc
> ron
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