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Mon May 24 03:21:00 CEST 2004


I use a home made tool since the beginnig and during my test it goes 
more and more powerful and usefull. through making and using it I've
understood the build process, may it be the same for you. There is
nothing really new in it, it centralize and does everything in one
command (prior settings needed of course) ... 
finally i'll name it lbcc.

  a script that does build your target machine (ex : VIA config)
  and build your rom with log and so on. Heavily refactored
  and strenghen to be more portable and robust. Form it
  you can control the whole process of making a LinuxBIOS
  booting a payload.

                It does :
                                - config LinuxBios
                                - Log ALL activity
                                - Calculate build time
                                - Display rom bindings
                                - Choose payload
                                - Configure payload
                                - Make payload
                                - Make the rom
                                - Flash the rom
                                - Make coffee .. err .. no still not :)
		To come :
				- Itegrate videobios
some advices :

It needs to be copied into the freebios2/target and it need lb_flash,
think of making symbolic link to it and after to the lbcc generated logs
like buildtaget.log and make.log, etc..

It'll *NEED* some of *YOUR* path fix into its head. If it bugs, think
of this, anyway, find in script bug's exact place. Since this logs
everything think of having a look to theses and often you'll get your
answer (that's the aim of this facility :)
If you are lost into it or troubled with a bug I can reply/explain to
detailed requested. 

Actually, this is a comfort and maybe it *couldn't be usefull to
everyone*, ask yourself if some necessary adapt time is worth this ease.
A last number : It is 400 lines of bash script code

any comments, ideas, etc.. reply onto this thread.

Good lxbiosing.

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