Epia-MII VGA not working and PCMCIA rebooting

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Mon May 17 10:30:01 CEST 2004

* Ignacio Verona <nacho at estudio-verona.com> [040516 22:07]:
> biosint: # 0x15, eax 0x5f01 ebx 0xc01 ecx 0x700 edx 0x112
> biosint: ebp 0x10fca esp 0xf8e edi 0xac51 esi 0x1aacd
> biosint: ip 0x6448 cs 0xc000 flags 0x46
> biosint: # 0xb8, eax 0x707 ebx 0x0 ecx 0x700 edx 0x0
> biosint: ebp 0x10fca esp 0xfc0 edi 0xb880 esi 0x1010a
> biosint: ip 0x188 cs 0xc000 flags 0x246
> biosint: Unsupport int #0xb8

Hm. The problem happens earlier. int 0x15 is something that the VGA BIOS
would probably install, but this does not seem to work. Thus there's a
hardcoded response handled in src/mainboard/via/epia-m/mainboard.c (v1)
function handleint21()

Looking at above code, int0x15 gets called with eax=0x5f01 (besides lots
of other values) - a case that is not handled in handleint21() at all.

There needs to be some way to call into interrupts set up by the
executed option rom, or otherwise functions like handleint21() will have
to be added and changed for every minor release of a vga bios update.


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