mkElfimage-1.6 & .zelf payloads

Jay Miller jmiller at
Mon May 17 08:04:00 CEST 2004

Two more newbie problems:

1) I've read on the mailing list archives that we need to use
mkElfImage-1.6 from the freebios tree in order for things to work
properly.  When I checked-out the freebios tree I only got sources for
mkElfImage, the mkElfImage-1.6 directory was empty.  Is this normal?

2) I can build an image with FILO 0.4.2 and it works great.  But when I
try and build an image with a .zelf payload, elfboot complains that it
can't load the elf image.  What am I doing wrong?

Jay Miller
Actuality Systems, Inc.
jmiller at

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