Epia-MII VGA not working ...

Ignacio Verona nacho at estudio-verona.com
Mon May 17 02:39:00 CEST 2004

Thanks for your answ. Reading the serial output can you say something
about the PCMCIA problem?
And what about tft? May be cause VGA no to work? Right now I do not have
any CRTs here...

Yes, I'm on v1 right now. And about the combined filo+vgabios payload this
is what I do for creating:
      dd if=filo.elf of=vga+filo.bin bs=1 seek=65536
And using vga+filo.bin as my payload linuxbios still boot up to the
kernel, but VGA does not come up.

Maybe could I go to V2 for beeing exactly on the same point as you? I
could give it a try this tonight.

Also: Do you know if acpi is working on V2? I've plans to "try" (only try,
I don't know if I've the required programming skills) to implement it on
v1, but if it's working on v2 I could skip this step and do all the job on


> Hi
> It seems i am on the same point as you. This project is simply
> fascinating, and so much time consuming :)
> I've done this famous dd with the kcore and so on, but i think to do
> miss something.
> I've got a classic crt screen but nothing appear either.  Also I'am
> working with v2 . my Linuxbios is booting to the kernel so this is ok.
> What is not, is that VGABIOS on V2 LB is not fully operationnal, i want
> to make it be. Please could you tell me how you did "append it to my
> filo payload like the HOWTO says and modified the config file" as ?
> It could geratly help me in trying to make a port to V2 since i've
> understood you are in V1, don't you ?
> Though the details of your experiments could unstuck me.
> Le dim 16/05/2004 à 21:47, Ignacio Verona a écrit :
>> Hi! Linuxbios is working prety well now on my Epia mII 10k, but a few
>> problems:
>> 1. I can't get VGA to work. I've extracted it from a original-bios
>> booted
>> system with
>>     dd if=/proc/kcore of=video.bios.bin bs=1 count=65536 skip=790528
>> and then appended it to my filo payload like the HOWTO says I've to do,
>> and modified the config file with all the options in EPIA howto, but
>> nothing shows up on my monitor (tft screen, has it something to do
>> with?)
>> 2. If I boot up my mobo without the PCMCIA/CF module on, it boots
>> properly
>> but, if I put it on and try to boot, linux bios does somethings and then
>> reboot, forever. any known bug about this?
>> thanks!
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