EPIA-M startup times

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Sun May 16 10:34:00 CEST 2004

* John Laur <johnl at blurbco.com> [040513 20:46]:
> Then you can worry about the kernel. VESA Framebuffer does not work with
> EPIA-M as the VGA bios doesn't initialize the video card up to where
> vesafb can take over. You have to use viafb (part of the -epia patchset)
> to get video on the console. Make sure you have it compiled into the
> kernel and not as a module. Make sure vesafb is NOT compiled in either,
> otherwise you'll need some commandline trickery to make it work. Also,
> viafb doesn't work with bootsplash in silent mode on kernel 2.4 if you
> are using that. I have not tested with kernel 2.6.

Bootsplash as in www.bootsplash.org? Can you provide a log or some


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