Making payloads

Jay Miller jmiller at
Thu May 13 14:32:00 CEST 2004

I built tg3--filo.zelf with the latest patch from the link in your message.

Getting the follow error message when loading:

Loading Etherboot version: 5.2.4
Dropping non PT_LOAD segment
New segment addr 0x20000 size 0x4aef5 offset 0xb0 filesize 0xa4b7
(cleaned up) New segment addr 0x20000 size 0x4aef5 offset 0xb0 filesize 0xa4b7
Loading Segment: addr: 0x000000001ffadfe8 memsz: 0x000000000001b00c filesz: 0x00
Clearing Segment: addr: 0x000000001ffb849f memsz: 0x0000000000010b55
Loading Segment: addr: 0x000000000003b00c memsz: 0x000000000002fee9 filesz: 0x00
    39:stream_skip() - overflowed source buffer
ERROR: Skip of 68437 bytes skiped 23193 bytes
Cannot Load ELF Image

What am I doing wrong?


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I have merged into FILO into Etherboot. You can get that patch from
Etherboot group.  So you can build tg3--filo.zelf. About the PCI scan in
Etherboot has no problem to find IDE other than bus 0.

Current it already supports serial IDE and normal IDE.

I'm working on add usb boot into FILO in Etherboot. The AMD8111 is using
OHCI, and I'm trying to make use steven code for USB boot, but it is only
support UHCI.
OHCI has hardware support for ED (QH) instead of SW QH.

Maybe I need to get UHCI addon card at first.

Please let me know if you has problem to get filo patch. And I would send
you my tar ball about filo in Etherboot.



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主题: Making payloads

The reason why my S2885 image wasn't working is because my system only
has 1 CPU populated.  A little tweaking to remove the second processor
and I can get FILO to come up. Unfortunately FILO does not detect the
IDE disk.

I noticed in the payloads section of there are some multi-part
payloads, like tg3--ide_disk.zelf, and tg3--filo.zelf.

How do I create the multi-part payloads?  Ideally I would be interested
in a FILO that recognizes IDE.  Alternatively I am also pursuing a tg3
payload that will load my kernel over the network.


Jay Miller
Actuality Systems, Inc.
jmiller at

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