Making payloads

Jay Miller jmiller at
Thu May 13 10:19:00 CEST 2004

The reason why my S2885 image wasn't working is because my system only
has 1 CPU populated.  A little tweaking to remove the second processor
and I can get FILO to come up. Unfortunately FILO does not detect the
IDE disk.

I noticed in the payloads section of there are some multi-part
payloads, like tg3--ide_disk.zelf, and tg3--filo.zelf.

How do I create the multi-part payloads?  Ideally I would be interested
in a FILO that recognizes IDE.  Alternatively I am also pursuing a tg3
payload that will load my kernel over the network.


Jay Miller
Actuality Systems, Inc.
jmiller at

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