About EPIA-M Frambuffer + VGA on V2 status

Mathieu Deschamps mdeschamps at mangrove-systems.com
Thu May 13 05:18:00 CEST 2004


Acutally , I've LinuxBios IDE_BOOT onto hard drive. All this is
fascinating. I'am so excited :)
Ok , ok i've got a "unknown file system"  : i've got ext3 root partition
on it, couldn't Linuxbios boot ext3 part just by now ? If true want
option should I add ?

I've seen this about framebuffer and VGA on epia-M:
humm i'd love to see tux sitting on the corner of my screen...

Dmitry or Ron may I ask you if you could send me the HOWTO that you were
talking about ?

Is it already operationnal ? What type of option does/will it requiere
to get set in Config ?
I need also these info this because I'am coding a sort linuxbios command
center script.
It lets user choose between IDE HARD BOOT or CF BOOT or ETHER BOOT and
so on, and automatically add options, configure stuffs and lauches makes
logs strings, and point errors or dangereous warnings at the user. It
also  gather video.bios and flashes the whole into a specified target
(for now ROM chip). What do you think of this ?


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