Can I execute a linuxbios image from linux?

Svante Signell svante.signell at
Wed Mar 31 02:40:00 CEST 2004


I'm trying to upgrade the CPU on a 440BX dual board MSI-6210 from dual
Celerons (Mendocino) to a single Celeron2 (Tualatin) using a socket 370
to slot 1 adapter, SLOT-T from Upgradeware. On other 440BX based
motherboards, this works perfectly. Two computers I have upgraded are a
QDI BrillianX 1 based box and the Compaq 5670. The lates BIOS for the
6120 does not support Coppermine or Tualatin processors.

With the 6120, I get a successful boot too, but the effective speed is 7
MHz as compared to expected 1.3GHz (measured with lmbench). I have made
a small kernel module testing the level 2 cache activation code, without
any improvements. Also mtrr seems to be set up correctly. Now I would
like to execute a full linuxbios image after boot to linux, in order to
avoid the problem of re-flashing the BIOS. Is this possible?

The Upgradeware support pages mentions that the IO chips have to be of
correct type for a similar single CPU board, the MSI-6119 to uork with
the SLOT-T adapter. What function does the IO chip have, and how can in
be tested? 


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