A bit OT: external equipment for writing...

Vic Berdin vberdin at eazix.com
Tue Mar 30 22:50:00 CEST 2004

Hi Ron, everyone,

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> On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Vic Berdin wrote:

>> This is good news! My companion southbridge chip however is an AMDCS5535.

> try it, I think it will also work.

I've also been going through the Sis630 online doc in order to
have an idea as to what I should do. Unfortunately, step 6
(replacing BIOS chip with a DOC), cannot be applied on my case.
My target board has no DOC support. Either (1) burn the kernel
image directly to the SST49LF008A chip that is socketted (not
soldered) on the target board, or (2) get an external device that
can write into an SST49LF008A.
In an attempt to do option (1), I downloaded driver codes for
49LF008 from SST:
and tried to make use of the "int Check_SST_49LF008A()" function.
Unfortunately, all I'm getting is a segfault. It seems that the
code is referring to an invalid address that should be specific
to my target SBC.
Anyways, if I may ask the list, has anyone tried the approach
to write directly into a BIOS chip using C when replacing the
BIOSware? If so, any hints/source codes/etc?

> ron

TIA - Vic

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