EPIA-M "Magic Potion"?

John Laur johnl at blurbco.com
Mon Mar 29 01:15:01 CEST 2004

Thank you, Dmitry. Your patches seem to fix a lot of my remaining

The kernel patch to make viafb work as compiled-in gets a framebuffer
going very soon after the kernel loads. I extended it a little bit to
allow for full selection of all module parameters from the kernel
commandline. I guess since it didn't work, nobody ever used the kernel
commandline params :) The vga stuff is now working perfectly except for

The other thing that fixed a lot of issues is that I switched to an
earlier vga bios (extracted from bios v1.10F). I was trying to use the
latest one released with BIOS version 1.13 and it seems to not work
correctly. I'm going to try again now that I have some other stuff
working to verify that this is the case. Something bad running in the
1.13 vga bios I believe could have been the cause of my IRQ issues,
which are solved for the moment as well.

Whenever I can make the dust clear, I'll create a diff for CVS including
either amending the existing HOWTO with the information I have learned
or creating a new one especially for EPIA-M. I'll also include the viafb
patch from Dmitry + my extra changes in kernel-patches.

The final three non-memory related problems I'm looking at are:

1) trying to load the agpgart module hangs the system
2) applications hang when accessing the hardware clock
3) via_v4l_drv (hardware MPEG acceleration) wants to be loaded before
viafb in order to work unfortunately

Again, thanks everyone!


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> > vesafb or viafb. Dmitry, did I see somewhere that you had a patch
> > making viafb work correctly when compiled into the kernel? 2.6
> Yes I have a patch for 2.4.23-epia1 that integrates viafb into kernel.
> Should work with all kernels though.
> > hopefully fix CVS if that is OK with everybody.
> That would be cool.
> > Even though the sytem is more functional, I still can't do much;
> > however, because my PCI devices still do not seem to be getting
> > IRQ's. Is there something I'm just missing here like a kernel patch,
> I don't have external PCI devices, All built ins working properly(
> CLE266 which points to improper initialization ).
> > Next, is there a way to hardcode the amount of ram in v1? I know
> > autodetection does not work, but even if I could just manually have
> > machine set up the full 512MB that would help me a lot until the v2
> > progresses.
> I tried that but in fact ran into serious problems with DFB. Something
> went
> wrong... So I stuck with 96M at this time...
> Dmitry/
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