thinning out mainboard directories

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Thu Mar 25 08:29:00 CET 2004


I'd like to continue thinning out the mainboard specific code
for the K8 mainboards, so it will be easier to keep all the mainboards
on the same level if the infrastructure code around it changes.
All code that is used by two or more motherboards should go to the
northbridge or southbridge code (or elsewhere)

* failover.c
  this seems to be the same on all K8 boards. It contains code that is
  specific to the amd 8111 south bridge. I suggest splitting this in 
  two pieces, one going to the cpu/k8 code, the other one going to the
  southbridge directory. Maybe this could even be used by x86 based 
  non-K8 boards?

* chip.h
  What exactly is this good for? It seems to be unused by all K8 boards.
  Do we need it? Should it be merged with mainboard.c?

mainboard.c and auto.c will probably always stay. (Can we rename this to
more speaking names, too? At least init.c or sth like that sounds a lot
more descriptive)

irq_tables.c and mptable.c will hopefully become autogenerated from
config some time, too.

This could reduce the amount of mainboard specific code to not more than 
four files, giving any hardware vendor a fair chance to jump on the


  Stefan Reinauer, SUSE LINUX AG
Head of Architecture Development

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