S4882 Support Done

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Thu Mar 25 04:26:01 CET 2004

* YhLu <YhLu at tyan.com> [040324 22:19]:
> Please commit the s4882 support code.
> 1. Add S4882 support.
> 2. Modify auto.c for s2881, s2885, s4880.
> 3. Add some optimize_link calling in set_smp.

it's committed, except two small things:

* src/devices/hypertransport.c:
  -               hard_reset();
  +// by LYH              hard_reset();

it'd be better to fix this issue so we don't walk into that code path
anymore at all.

* src/superio/winbond/w83627hf/superio.c

Why did this not have a sio_enable before? Is it really needed?

  Stefan Reinauer, SUSE LINUX AG
Head of Architecture Development

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