S4882 support

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Wed Mar 24 13:22:01 CET 2004

* Eric W. Biederman <ebiederman at lnxi.com> [040324 19:37]:
> Mostly I could not clearly see which links I needed to call
> optimize_connection() on.
Ah. I think we can now safely get this information from generate_row.

> > Do you have an example situation that would cause the need for a 
> > late reset? It would sound clean to only touch this part of the system
> > once and at one place. If this is possible, we safe looking at 50% of
> > the involved code in case something goes wrong..
> 2 or more HT I/O chains that are not setup at boot time.

Does this imply that incoherent ht setup has to be called every time a
new cpu is enabled, to see whether there are bridges connected to this


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