Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Wed Mar 24 11:17:01 CET 2004


tyan/*/hypertransport.c contain some fixed hypertransport register 
values poked into the AMD K8 northbridge. This code was earlier called
by coherent_ht.c:setup_coherent_ht_domain() but I removed the call some
time ago, since I could not see why it is still needed. Does this code
provide any crucial functionality that can't be realized in the dynamic
code of the current CVS tree?

If not, I suggest we drop this code. 

The same thing could btw work for the different versions of
resourcemap.c. The biggest reason for the split off here was that the
default resource map did always assume the AMD8111 southbridge on link0
which is not always true. This is fixed by now. 
The bus numbers should meanwhile be entered correctly by the generic
So, we could reduce the amount of involved code a lot, flattening out
all the nasty exceptions we invented to bend the rules..


  Stefan Reinauer, SUSE LINUX AG
Head of Architecture Development

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