AMD64+FILO -> Detected floating bus

Greg Watson gwatson at
Mon Mar 22 12:15:01 CET 2004

Good. That means it wasn't my fault :-). I updated the IDE support in 
LinuxBIOS recently, so I thought it may have been that. Looks like 
something must have changed in Filo.


On 22/03/2004, at 10:04 AM, Stefan Reinauer wrote:

> * Greg Watson <gwatson at> [040322 18:01]:
>> Stefan,
>> Is the floating bus message coming from Filo or LinuxBIOS?
> From Filo. It seems that there are no devices detected on the bus.
> Strange enough, since the Maxtor harddrive was installed using
> LinuxBIOS and Filo a while ago..
>   Stefan
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>   Stefan Reinauer, SUSE LINUX AG
> Head of Architecture Development

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