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Wed Mar 17 17:20:01 CET 2004

On Wednesday, March 17, 2004, at 02:26 PM, Frank wrote:

> I must be missing something here but in freebios v1 there is
> plenty of supprt for the SIS chip sets. I downloaded freebios2
> (thanks you everyone for the information) but I don't see any
> support for the SIS chips. I thought freebios2 was a superset of
> freebios1 and would therefore have all of the freebios support
> plus some. it doesn't appear to be that way. Am I missing
> something...

Not superset, improved, rewritten port of freebios1. Freebios1 had some 
limitations / weaknesses in that it was difficult to add a new board. 
Memory initialization was difficult and lots of the code was assembly, 
which speaking for myself isn't a skill many people excel at I would 

Freebios2 addresses some of the problems developers were having with 
freebios1. Although I am completely unfamiliar with the amd64 stuff 
alot of what freebios2 does is facilitate that arch so the features and 
such could be added. New boards should be started on freebios2, any 
existing code from freebios1 can be brought into freebios2 I would 
imagine as it is needed. (You have to realize I am not a freebios 
developer) just trying to answer some of the questions I think I know 
the answers to so the developers can develop.

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