Tyan Tomcat i845GL (S2098)

Edgar Lovecraft bios-list at cox.net
Tue Mar 16 04:16:01 CET 2004

ron minnich wrote:
> at this point, here at LANL, our focus is 64-bit boards and embedded
> stuff like EPIA, so this one falls through the cracks here. We can
> assist you with porting but can not do the work ourselves.
> So if you want an assisted port letus know.
Even though it is noce to have someone else do the work for you, I am very
willing to have an assisted port.  I have just been gathering information
and did not want to reinvent the wheel if it had already been done.  I 
have not 'jumed right in' yet, nor have I compiled anything.  I will go
through the docs that are available again and start compiling and testing
and see what happens.
Before I do so, are there any major gotchas I need to look out for?
Any kind of quick hints that you can give me will be greatly appreciated,
things like is the 2.4 kernel better for this than the 2.6, or, when all 
else fails, toss the computer in front of the nearest rig passing by sort
of thing.
Thanks for the support, I am sure I will need some if it does not work
fairly easily (or give me something that I understand in the errors :)
Other than this list, are there any other 'good' references to look at
when things don't work?
Laslty, are there any white-papers that cover the differences between what
is being done at the linuxbios level vs. the linux kernel level with 
devices and such? (I am just one of those people that likes to know the 
how and why of everything :)
Thanks again!

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