linuxbios on epia

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Mon Mar 15 08:25:00 CET 2004

Matt Jarvis <matt at> writes:

> Hi
> I'm having a small problem getting Linuxbios to run on an epia 5000.
> Everything appears to work fine, and I can load my payload of either
> Etherboot or Filo, but once it gets to actually booting my kernel, the
> output on the serial console stops at :
> Jumping to entry point...
> Is this a problem with my kernel ( the same kernel boots fine with the
> standard epia bios ) ? I've tried booting both a standard kernel and an
> elf image of the kernel, with the same outcome. 

You have run mkelfImage on that bzImage?   Possibly you don't have
serial console support compiled in.  Or possibly you are probing
for ISA devices in a way which fails under LinuxBIOS.  (That is rare
but I have seen ISA device probes kill a booting kernel).

What kernel is this that you are having problems with?

To go much farther on the debugging the easy step to do is to
get an early serial console patch and apply that so you get some
kernel output...


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