Asus Cusi-FX

Hendricks David W. dwh at
Fri Mar 12 18:59:00 CET 2004

Asus stuff typically is not supported because they do weird things with 
their SMBus. It uses a SiS630, however, so maybe it's not a totally lost 
cause. Perhaps Ollie Lho can give us his opinion on this.

Is it possible to use another mainboard with the SiS630? I'm really 
skeptical about support on Asus mainboards.

On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Christian Gmeiner wrote:

> Hi Mailinglist.
> I find the project very good and it could speed up the starting of my Video Disc Recorder - VDR - dramaticly.
> But before i spend money i want to know, if the ASUS Cusi-Fx Mainboard is supported.
> Thanks, Christian Gmeiner

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